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Friday, October 28, 2011

Delays but still willing

We were told by the home study agency that Donna had to see five specialists in two weeks and have the reports from the specialists on the home study's desk in that two week period. We decided that there was no way we could get the reports done that quickly. This was due by the 15th of October. We found out on the 18th that the home study had shut down. They closed at the end of September and we did not hear anything from them and still have not. We found this out through an adoption meeting we attend once a month. There were reports from several people in our group that they had not been satisfied with the services they were getting from the home study, including us. Now we are told there is another home study agency that is going to take over their place. This home study has been established for some time. We have heard that they are willing to take on the cases from the home study that shut down. At this point are thoughts are that this is who we are going to work with. They are not licensed in Indiana at this time but we are hoping they will be in the next several months. We are still continuing with fundraisers including Goat's milk soap and others that will be coming up.
This has been a tough time for our family and are thankful for friends and family that have been there with us through this time.
It is hard for us knowing there are children hungry physically and emotionally and just wanting a place to belong. The delays have been difficult but we know God has a plan and we are just a small portion of it. This helps us continue to be willing to move forward. Denny